The Dangers of DIY Pest Control

The Dangers Of DIY Pest Control

When you see signs of pests around the home, it can be tempting to head to the shops and pick up a DIY pest treatment. If you’re only experiencing a minor problem then over-the-counter pest solutions are a great way of controlling bugs. But for bigger problems and infestations, DIY pest control might not be the best idea, and it can even pose a risk to your family or pets. To show why pest control is better left to the professionals, here are the dangers of DIY pest control solutions.


  1. The Risk to Your Family and Pets

Controlling pests like cockroaches, ants and spiders usually involves spraying or spreading treatments that are harmful to the bugs. When sprayed in the correct doses, most pest control products are harmless to humans and pets like dogs and cats. The danger of DIY pest control often comes from homeowner error. If you’re unsure how much of a product you need to apply, the result is often that you apply too much of the chemical. These chemicals can then leak into the soil, rub off against your skin or attract curious pets. If enough pesticide is absorbed by the body or eaten by a pet, it can do serious damage to your health.

This is especially true for children and pets. Being much smaller and closer to the ground than adults, children and pets are at the highest risk of being exposed to excessive amounts of pesticides.


  1. Collateral Damage

Professional pest control solutions are designed to suit your property and pests. When handled by an experienced team, pest control can be carefully targeted to only affect the critters you’re struggling with. DIY solutions lack the same level of care and control. This leads to traps and pesticides that cause collateral damage to other bugs and animals around the home. 

Controlling an ant infestation is one thing, but you don’t want your DIY pest control to hurt other creatures in the local area. Plus, modern pest control treatments are designed to be better for the environment, while many DIY products simply aren’t.


  1. Humane Concerns

Not all pest control treatments are created equally. DIY solutions are designed to be easy for homeowners to apply themselves, with little thought given to how humane they are. Pesticides designed to control rats, mice and other rodents are among the worst offenders, with DIY products causing unnecessarily slow and painful deaths. 

Professional pest control services use treatments and traps specifically designed to deal with pests without causing unnecessary suffering.


  1. The Cost of DIY Pest Control

Lots of people looking for DIY pest control solutions are hoping to save a few dollars. The reality of DIY pest treatments is that they’re far less effective than professional ones, and it’s not easy to choose the right products for your property and pest infestation. 

DIY pest control is designed to be used on individual problems or areas. But, if you’re experiencing a larger infestation that’s affecting more of your property, the professional solution will work out to be more effective and affordable in the long run. Professional pest control teams are experts at recognising infestations, finding the source of the problem and designing a treatment plan that achieves the best results. Not only that, but a professional solution will last much longer than a DIY one, meaning there’s less chance of finding yourself fighting a recurring infestation.


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Do-it-yourself pest control is a great solution if you’re having a minor problem with ants, cockroaches or other pests. But, if you’re seeing signs of a larger infestation or critters like rats and mice, it’s time to call in professional help. Pete’s Pest Control offers a comprehensive range of pest control solutions across the Toowoomba region. Our team is trained and equipped to deal with most pest infestations on residential and commercial properties. Part of our service includes inspecting your property so we can design a tailored solution that deals with your pest problems safely and humanely. For more information about what we do, or to book an appointment, get in touch with Pete’s Pest control today!