Bird Management Services in Toowoomba

Petes Pest Control Toowoomba - Bird ManagementBirds can cause quite a bit of damage on your property when left unattended. For the most part, they love playing on roofs, which they can easily damage, thus forcing you to consider repairs. In some cases, your only remedy for these damages would be replacements. Fortunately, you can take advantage of our bird management services in Toowoomba to rectify what could easily develop into a serious problem.

What sort of damages can birds cause on properties?

  • Dislodge roof tiles
  • Block gutters
  • Build nests
  • Corrode building materials whenever they leave their droppings behind
  • Attack customers and workers around commercial properties
  • Carry fleas and insects to the property

Our Bird Proofing Services

Our bird proofing services offer all the protection your property needs. The protection and all the solutions we provide to this problem will educate you on how to notice signs that indicate your house is under attack from birds. We employ all the best methods of controlling bird infestation, and we don’t recommend a one-size-fits-all approach. Instead, we examine your property to determine the most appropriate course of action to take.

What determines the solutions we employ?

  • Species of the birds
  • Location
  • How the birds access your property
  • Area of application

We also provide long-term solutions and our services are reliable and tested. We can ensure that the deterrents we put in place will tackle your bird problem effectively.. With these services, you will never have a reason to worry about diseases. Yes, birds can leave you sick, they carry wide-ranging diseases and they can carry pests too. Influenza-like symptoms are the norm when interacting with different bird species regularly. Our bird proofing services can protect you from all that.

How to Select the Right Pigeon Deterrents for Any Situation

It’s never easy to try to get rid of pigeons on your own. For the most part, you need professional help. We are here to offer you all the assistance you need to make it hard for pigeons to invade and cause havoc on your property. Pigeons can make your house theirs. Their homing instincts make it hard to convince them to leave a property, but putting a few deterrents in place can work magic!

How do we select the right pigeon deterrent for any situation?

First, we employ deterrents including spikes and netting, or even birth control. A deterrent is all about preventing the invasion in the first place. It’s an easier process compared to removal, which tends to be costlier and more labor intensive. Spikes, netting, shooting, trapping, and baiting are some of the measures we put in place to deter pigeons from turning your home into theirs.

Our solutions are entirely individualised to you and your needs. For example, how do the birds access your property? How much pressure do the birds cause on the site? What structures do the birds roost on? The answers to these questions helps us to settle on the most appropriate deterrent specialised for you.  

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