Flea Treatments in Toowoomba

Petes Pest Control Toowoomba - Flea Treatment

Fleas can make life a misery for both pets and their owners. Fleas are a bloodsucking parasite that can cause itchiness and rashes and in extreme cases can transmit diseases

The adult female usual lays 4-8 eggs after each blood meal. In her lifetime, she may lay several hundred eggs. Most eggs are laid on the host and these eventually fall off they can be distributed in virtually any areas visited by the by the host.

Fleas prefer warm, humid conditions and hence are often pests during late summer.

Preparing For Flea Treatment

For Your Pet

  • We would suggest washing your pets with a good flea treatment
  • You should start your pets on a flea program from the vet or pet store. We do recommend using something like Advantage, Frontline etc. If your pets are already on a program, we suggest you alternate between flea treatments every 2-3 months as this prevents the fleas building up immunity to the one product.


  • We recommend that you vacuum daily until the day of your scheduled appointment.
  • Remove goods stored on the floor inside the house and place them up off the floor.


  • Mow the lawn short and soak with water a day before treatment.
  • Make sure that the ground is clear of any stored items.



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