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Rats and mice might look harmless, but they can be some of the biggest threats to the health of your family and home. Rats, mice and other rodents are well known for their ability to chew their way into anything, damaging your property, spoiling food, compromising cleanliness and even spreading disease. Pete’s Pest Control offers comprehensive rodent control services in Toowoomba for all residential and commercial clients. We work with each of our clients to identify infestations and plan treatments that tackle the problems you’re experiencing.


Why Rodents Are Pests

Rodents are some of the biggest threats to the health of your family, pets, customers and anyone else who visits your property. Having an unchecked rodent infestation on your property could lead to a few major problems, including:

  • Damage to your home. When making nests and searching for food, rodents won’t hesitate to chew through plasterboard, cladding, aluminium flashing and more. A large infestation could even do structural damage to your property.
  • Health concerns. Rats are one of the most notorious disease-spreading animals in the world. They can find their way onto almost any surface, carrying germs and viruses wherever they go.
  • Wasted food. Rats and mice are constantly looking for food and will spoil any food items they can chew their way into.
  • Damaged appliances. Rodents can chew through almost anything, including the plastics and wiring on your appliances, damaging electronics and ruining internal components.


Signs of Rodent Infestations

The immediate warning sign of a rodent infestation is seeing rats or mice on your property. Where there’s one, there’s more to be found. If you spot rodents in your house, it’s time to speak to Pete’s Pest Control about having your property inspected.
Keep your eye out for these common signs of rat, mouse and rodent infestations:

  • Visible rodents. If you spot a rodent in your home, immediately contact Pete’s Pest Control. Rodents multiply quickly and small issues can rapidly get out of hand.
  • Urine and droppings. Around the same size as a grain of rice, rodent droppings are a giveaway of infestations.
  • Nests. Mice nest in order to raise their pups. They seek out warm, dry areas that are well protected and close to a food source. Female mice carry their young for 21-28 days, and each litter can have 5-12 pups.
  • Strange sounds. Hearing scratching or squeaking sounds at night? You may have rodents scurrying about the place. Rodents will make their home in any place that’s warm and dry, including ceiling and wall cavities, behind cabinets and underneath your floor.
  • Marks on your walls. Rodents tend to leave dirty streaking on surfaces as they run by. Keep an eye out for unusual marks that might have been left by a passing rodent.


Pete’s Pest Control is Toowoomba’s Rodent Control Expert

The Pete’s Pest Control team designs every one of our treatments to be specific to your home or business, whether it be Termite Management Services or End of Lease Pest Control. No two infestations are alike, and the best treatment plan needs to be tailored to suit your property. Pete’s Pest Control will identify your rodent infestation and work on a plan to remove any rats, mice and other rodents we find. Speak to us today for more information on our rodent control services and the products we use. You can call us on 0439 603 212 to make an appointment, or get in touch online to book a consultation with our team regarding residential or Commercial Pest Control.


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Petes Pest Control Toowoomba takes great pride in the pest control services we provide and in our capabilities as trained professionals. That's why all our domestic pest management of Cockroaches, Household Ants, Spiders and Silverfish come with a full 12 month FREE service warranty. This means if a treated pest returns within the 12 month period you can rest assured as Petes Pest Control Toowoomba will also return and treat the affected area at no extra charge to you... No questions asked!