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Whatever the industry, pests can be bad for business. Our highly trained technicians are committed to complete customer satisfaction to ensure you business complies with current regulations, safety and reputation protection. Commercial pest control challenges are unique to every industry. With over 10 years experience, we have the expertise and solutions to help protect your business.

Pest control is as important on commercial properties as it is on residential buildings. Why? Pests can cause untold suffering to everybody who is inside and around the commercial building. They can make the work of property managers more difficult than ever imaginable. Pest infestation can interfere with relationships between property managers or owners and their tenants. The good news is we offer exceptional commercial pest control in Toowoomba.

Need Pest Control Services for Your Business?

You can rely on us for all your commercial pest control needs in Toowoomba. We are only a call or an email away and we have the best pest control services for your business. After all, we have been offering these services for several years now. Therefore, you can rely on us to reduce the impact of pests on your business premise. This way, the profitability and productivity of your property remains intact.

Commercial pest control services are necessary for many reasons. Firstly, our pest control services can protect the tenants and workers on the property, whose health and safety can be massively affected by the presence of pests. Pest control is also essential to keep you safe from disease-causing pathogens, as some of these pests are also responsible for contaminating food.

Pests cause significant damages to commercial properties. They gnaw on different parts of the building, such as the electrical wiring. Some of them live inside walls thus compromising these important structures of the building. Many commercial buildings suffer structural damages, especially when pests chew through the wood they are made from. With our help, your property will not lose its value. The services we offer protect your reputation with tenants too.

We’ve Got Pest Control Solutions for You

Our pest control solutions are designed specifically for you. They consider the different types of pests that could attack your property and cause problems for your business. What is more, our pest control services come with warranties. We do this to make our services attractive to all property owners and managers. We fix any issue that your commercial property tenants or workers may have with pests after the contractors leave the site.

Our commercial pest control services in Toowoomba are designed for:

  • Corporates
  • Governments
  • Hotels
  • Medical centers
  • Childcare facilities
  • Care facilities for the aged
  • Restaurants
  • Schools

We realize that such types of establishments – and commercial properties – require regular topnotch pest control services. A one-off session is never enough, especially when dealing with a huge population of pests. Some of these places act as perfect breeding grounds for some of the peskiest pests you will ever meet. For example, commercial kitchens and restaurants offer all the water and food that pests need to increase their numbers manifold.

When we arrive at your site, the first order of business is to evaluate the property inside and out thoroughly. Thereafter, we formulate a plan for eradicating the pests, to get them off of your property. Our solutions don’t focus on eradication alone, they also cover prevention. We continue monitoring your property to ensure that it remains uncontaminated, hygienic and free of all annoying and troublesome pests.

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Petes Pest Control Toowoomba takes great pride in the service we provide and in our capabilities as trained professionals. That's why all our domestic pest management of Cockroaches, Household Ants, Spiders and Silverfish come with a full 12 month FREE service warranty. This means if a treated pest returns within the 12 month period you can rest assured as Petes Pest Control Toowoomba will also return and treat the affected area at no extra charge to you... No questions asked!