Quality Termite Inspections In Newtown

Looking for the right home inspector in Newtown? Pete’s Pest Control has a team of experts who understand that every home is special and requires safe yet effective pest treatments.

Dedicated to termite inspection in Newtown and surrounding areas, Pete’s is locally operated and owned. We give the highest quality of service at affordable rates so our customers can get the peace of mind they need after dealing with a termite problem.

Our team of professional pest controllers are trained to identify exactly where termites reside in your home and check troubled spots to protect from future invasion.

What Do Termite Inspections Entail?

Because homes are comprised of materials perfect for a termite buffet, these creatures can nestle in anywhere. No matter how well kept and clean your home may be, it is never completely safe from these hazardous creatures.

Whether you have termites or not, the first step is to schedule an inspection. A routine inspection lasts an estimated two hours. This process allows our professionals to check every part of the house thoroughly.

While an inspection covers everything inside, it also extends to the areas surrounding your home. We perform pest control inspections for all surrounding areas, inside or outside, to evaluate termite activity on your property. Pete’s seasoned experts are trained to notice all variations of termite activity that require immediate treatment.

The areas that these experts check most in depth include:

  • Architraves
  • Carpet edges
  • Skirting boards
  • Hot water overflows
  • Walls
  • Concrete
  • Condensation pipes of air-conditioners
  • Door and window frames

Once we have diagnosed the problem areas of your home, we decide which environmentally safe solution is best for your specific treatment.

Our Range of Pest Control Services Offered?

Aside from termites, we also provide bird management and flea management services. Our bird management services help Newtown residents recover from bird damage to roofs and dislodged roof tiles. Our pest control is not exclusive for residential homes. We also can treat any commercial properties and businesses with unruly termites, fleas, and birds.
We use the most advanced technology to guarantee that all inspections and treatments for any pests are conducted thoroughly and with the detail that you deserve.

Are You Looking For A Termite Inspection Service That You Can Trust?

At Pete’s Pest Control Toowoomba, we are proud of our high level of dedication to freeing our client’s from termite stress. We’re confident that we’ll be able to take care of any problem that you might have. Just to be safe, our services come with a free, full twelve-month service warranty.

Without pest inspection, homes in Newtown will continue to attract dangerous termites, we’re happy to offer free consultations to potential clients suffering from termite problems. So, protect your home now to secure your way of life and give yourself peace of mind today!

Proudly Serving Newtown

Newtown is a suburb of Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia, located directly west of the city centre. Newtown has a number of heritage-listed sites, including Elphin, Gladstone House and Cottage, Toowoomba Maltings and Ascot House. Pete’s Pest Control provides quality pest control services throughout Newtown and is one of the leading service providers in this region.



Petes Pest Control Toowoomba takes great pride in the service we provide and in our capabilities as trained professionals. That's why all our domestic pest management of Cockroaches, Household Ants, Spiders and Silverfish come with a full 12 month FREE service warranty. This means if a treated pest returns within the 12 month period you can rest assured as Petes Pest Control Toowoomba will also return and treat the affected area at no extra charge to you... No questions asked!